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Oral Liquids

● Oral Liquid:
Oral liquid here mainly refers to Chinese herbal oral liquid, liquid preparations for oral use prepared by processing or fermenting with plant or plant extract as raw material, with or without the addition of other food raw materials and/or food additives, whose ethanol content does not exceed 0.5% by mass.


● Processing case:

Honeysuckle lotus leaf teaBuckwheat teaMinty substitute of teaHerbal tea platycodon

After Tang stra

wbag tea


pentaphyllum tea tea

Cassia seed teaArhat fruit tea

Gold emperor

chrysanthemum tea


chrysanthemum tea

Cyclocarya paliurus teaQi double tea

Wax gourd lotus

leaf tea

Boat-fruited sterculia

chrysanthemum tea

Propolis soft capsule
Wax gourd lotus leaf teaZizyphus jujube benevolence poria cocos tea