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No vitamin K, no amount of calcium supplement also useless


Because of the influence of the national diet structure, national calcium situation is worrying. Science is recommended, the adult should daily intake of 800 mg of calcium, but our country residents daily dietary calcium quantity are not enough, only 400-500 mg.

Calcium thought that the more the better, filling calcium every day, we still loose bones, unknowingly in calcium erroneous zone.

Calcium indicates a simple eat calcium tablet

After filling calcium, let calcium absorption. The absorption of calcium need vitamin D, calcium metabolic balance is influenced by the effects of vitamin D. Vitamin D3 can promote intestinal calcium absorption. So calcium need vitamin D supplements at the same time, but the absorption of calcium, and can't correct the deposited in the bones, which requires led by vitamin K.

If vitamin K deficiency, the calcium in the blood can't deposit to the bone osteoporosis, in other places deposits, causing blood calcium ectopic deposits, such as vascular calcification, kidney stones, skin aging, etc.

What is the vitamin K

Vitamin K, a kind of fat-soluble vitamins, nutrients is a kind of very strong, it's in many aspects of health plays an important role, including bone health and heart health.

Vitamin K can start MGP protein in the body, the protein can inhibit calcium in the blood vessel wall deposition, the prevention of vascular calcification. Through activation of osteocalcin and bone matrix protein, forming calcium "claw"; "Blood calcium deposition and free in the blood vessels in the" return to bone, forming bone calcium, promoting bone growth and prevent osteoporosis.

So, calcium three steps

1. The intake of calcium: eat foods rich in calcium

2. The absorption of calcium, vitamin D, calcium absorption

3. Lock the calcium: vitamin K, no free calcium

The world health organization (who), Japan and domestic of osteoporosis prevention in the guide, the vitamin K2 is recommended for prevention of osteoporosis. So, the key to calcium is: calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K2 a cannot little.

Calcium supplements can choose good brand calcium crane D D soft capsules and soft capsule of vitamin K factory original cap, at the same time, promote calcium absorption, calcium more calcium.

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