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Solid Beverages

●  Solid Beverages:
Solid beverages are manufactured from raw materials such as fruit juice, plant extracts, milk or dairy, egg and sugar. The dried raw materials are ground into fine powder and then mixed with formula products, or are directly spray dried into powder. The finished product is usually in powdered form that is dissolved in water to make the preferred drink ready to consume. Though solid beverage is a simple drink, it should not be reconstituted with hot water because the nutrients that it contains would break down at high temperatures, thus defeating the purpose.


●  Processing case:

Yam Chinese wolfberry solid drink

Honeysuckle probiotics solid drink

Fruit and vegetable solid beverage

Enzyme solid


Three green tea

solid drink

Left-handed solid drink coffee

Mocha bulletproof solid drink coffee

Sunspots wu root solid drink soup

Jiang qi drink solid beverage refs

WuYuan green juice solid drink

Medica, solid beverage

Qing chang embellish tea solid drink

Inulin solid drink

Puerarin papaya solid beverage


solid drink

Collagen protein solid drink

Chicken's gizzard-membrane haw granule

 solid beverage


solid drink