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Health food naming standards and specifications


How is the name of health food name?

According to article 56 of the "health food registration and management method", the name of the health food is composed of trade name, common name and attribute name.

Brand name "refers to the health food use lawfully registered trade name or meet the requirements of the trademark law, unregistered trademark name, to show that the product is unique and different from other similar products.

Common name, it is to point to show the name of the product character such as the main raw material.

The property name, it is to point to show product formulations or food category property name.

Health food labels, manuals, etc have why to ask?

Health food label, instruction shall not be involved in disease prevention, treatment, function, content should be true, consistent with the content of the registration or registration, indicate the appropriate crowd, not appropriate crowd, efficacy composition or iconic composition and its content, and the statement "this product can not replace medicine". The function of health food and ingredients should be consistent with labels and specifications.

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