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Market supervision administration of publishing the health food labeling warning language guide announcements


General Administration of Markets and Regulations
Announcement of "Guidelines for Labeling Warnings for Health Foods"

In order to guide the labeling of health food warnings, consumers are more likely to distinguish between health foods and common foods and medicines, and guide consumers to rational consumption. The General Administration of Market Supervision has compiled the “Guidelines for Labeling Warnings for Health Foods”. It is hereby released and will be implemented from January 1, 2020.

General Administration of Markets

June 10, 2019

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Health food label warning language guide

Health foods are suitable for specific populations but not for the purpose of treating diseases. In order to guide the labeling of health food warnings, consumers are more likely to distinguish between health foods and common foods and medicines, and guide consumers to rational consumption. According to the "Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", "Administrative Measures on Registration and Recording of Health Foods" and other laws and regulations, The study developed the "Guidelines for Labeling Warnings for Health Foods."

First, warning words

The health food label sets the warning term area and warning words. The warning term area is located on the main display layout of the smallest sales package (container) and should not occupy less than 20% of its face. There is a clear color difference between the text in the warning language area and the background of the warning term area. Warning phrases are printed in bold type and include the following:

Health foods are not drugs and cannot replace drugs to treat diseases.

When the surface area of the main display panel is greater than or equal to 100 square centimeters, the font height is not less than 6.0 mm. When the surface area of the main display layout is less than 100 square centimeters, the minimum height of the warning font is changed in proportion to the above.

Second, the production date and shelf life

The health food is clearly marked with the production date and shelf life at a clear location outside the product's smallest sales package (container). If the date is marked in the form of “see a part of the package”, the specific part of the package should be accurately marked.

1. The date label should be in sharp contrast with the background color of the location, and it is easy to identify, except for laser etch. Date labels must not be affixed, patched or tampered with.

2. The multi-packaged single-piece health food is completed on the date of manufacture of the inner package in direct contact with the food.

3. When the same pre-package contains multiple single-piece foods, the outer packaging is marked with the date of manufacture and shelf life of each individual food.

4. Dates are marked in the order of year, month, and day. The date middle, month, and day can be separated by spaces, slashes, hyphens, periods, etc., or without separators. The age number should be marked with 4 digits, and the month and day should be marked with 2 digits respectively.

5. The expiration date is described by the method of “shelf life to XXXX XX XX day”.

Third, complaint service telephone

The health food label is marked with information such as the telephone number of the complaint service and the service period. The complaint service phone font is the same as the "health function" font.

The health food production and operation enterprise guarantees to receive and handle consumer complaints and reports within the promised service period, and record and save relevant service information for at least 2 years.

Fourth, consumption tips

Health food operators in the places where health foods are operated, network platforms and other prominent locations marked "health foods are not drugs, can not replace drugs to treat diseases" and other consumer tips, and guide consumers to rational consumption. The health food consumption tips reference template is detailed in the attachment.


Health food consumption tips

1. Health foods are foods, not medicines, and cannot replace medicines to treat diseases.

2. Buy health foods to recognize and identify the health food signs on the product packaging

And the approval number of the health food, according to its function and suitable population, scientific selection and consumption according to the requirements of labels and instructions. Health food product registration information can be found on the website of the State Administration of Markets.

3. Purchase health foods to purchase in regular shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, etc., and ask for invoices or sales documents.

4. If the consumer has doubts about the quality and safety of the purchased health food, or finds that there are illegal propaganda and other illegal acts, please report it to the local market supervision department in a timely manner, or call the complaint report number: 12315.

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