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China resources: lump-sum belong to health food the best of times has only just begun


"Health foods and dietary supplements industry best era has only just begun." On August 13, China resources three nine Lu Qingrong health division general manager said at a conference in 2019 heap.

He said, the same product name is health food in China, the penetration is less than 20%. And that dietary supplements in the United States, its permeability is 50%. At the same time, the viscous customer accounted for under 10% of the than China, the United States is about 60%. If the calculated on market size and population, China's market is only equivalent to 1/10 of the American level. In other words, if China's dietary supplements of permeability and viscosity to meet the customer's level, the market scale will be ten times now.

Lu Qingrong said that China will be more than five hundred million elderly people in the future. For the elderly, health products or health food has a lot of demand. However, in the early of the height and health food industry, at present the most need to improve, is the recognition and trust people about health food. China's current health food four mainstream channels, direct marketing, electricity, pharmacy, business super, only retail pharmacies can provide both professional endorsement and large-scale professional services, and the crowd is very accurate. Therefore, channels of retail pharmacies are indispensable in the development of the industry, also go a long way.

But in Lu Qingrong view, the reality is that retail pharmacies situation is quite difficult. To this, he put forward two ideas, one is the upgrade business model, the core is to provide professional services, the model of flow liquid into health management, pharmacy does not need to recommend to everyone to health care products, only to a real need to recommend, provide professional health and personal special health solutions, so that after upgrade rate greatly increased, a single customer profitability is increased, the business will continue. Second, the industry needs to have more and more enterprises, big players, big brands to join.

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