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Necessary during pregnancy - vitamin E


Vitamin E have a wide distribution in nature, usually won't lack, also do not need the extra added. In different periods, different situations, however, the demand of the human body to vitamin E is different, such as during pregnancy.

Vitamin E is important for pregnant women, pregnant women are a very special group, they need more than normal amount of vitamin E.

Vitamin E also known as "tocopherol", is a kind of fat-soluble vitamins, to stimulate the sex hormone secretion, strengthens the function of ovary, increase fertility, maintain the baby normal immune function, promotes the nervous system and play an important role such as retinal development. Clinically used to prevent miscarriage, prevent fetal congenital anemia.

Pregnant women vitamin E deficiency is the main cause of premature birth, the fetus in the mother's womb, and very little oxygen, oxygen after giving birth to contact, if lack of vitamin E, the main fatty acids would be a lot of damage, damaged cells will quickly. Such as premature babies in incubator, oxygen pressure is very big, the eyes are often damaged, this is the reason why premature high myopia. Lack of vitamin E in pregnant women in pregnancy, fetal birth yellow gangrene, mostly because of red blood cells caused by oxygen decomposition. Immediately added vitamin E, red blood cells from oxidation, yellow gangrene also digest, the fetus if lack of vitamin E, is also the main cause of congenital anemia, which is different with iron deficiency anemia.

In early pregnancy, doctors often suggest pregnant mother added vitamin E, but a lot of vitamin E products, indicate the pregnant women, lactating women not appropriate, it makes a lot of pregnant mother wondered, choose what kind of vitamin E in pregnancy?

Select pregnant women apply vitamin E - crane fairy ® vitamin E soft capsules


  • [Raw Material] D-alpha-tocopherol

  • Walnut oil, olive oil, corn oil, gelatin, purified water, glycerin

  • [Effective Components and Contents]: Vitamin E 10.0 mg per capsule

  • [Suitable population] Vitamin E supplementation for 11-17 year-olds and adults, pregnant women and lactating mothers

  • People under 6 years old

  • [Health Function] Vitamin E Supplementation

  • [Quantity and method of consumption] Take one capsule once a day, orally.

  • [Specification] 0.5 g/grain

  • [Approval No.) Food and Health Preparation G201861000586

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